This one is for u, MOMMA..

I woke up in the morning of Wednesday
And wonder if the special day is today
Yes it's 6th April and her birthday
And a month later is already May
I dedicate this special entry without gift, should be okay.. =P

I make this for my Mama
Who has the origin of Manila
Every time I see her, I miss Lola
This life is a kind of drama
It's full of laughter and trauma
But I managed to face it all because i have Mama

I know these days we are so far
Although I can travel by car
Because in my heart, u're not that far
We used to spend time together eating chocolate bar
While having sky juice in a jar
Indeed, memories remain like a scar
Because we're like moon and twinkle star

Lately i seldom hear the voice
It was once like noise
But I dont have a choice
As time goes by, the noise become LOLs
And I suppose I need her more than boys

I used to write her a letter
Because I know she'll understand me later
I apologize for all the bad manner
If letter isn't enough, I'll raise a banner
Because Mama, I'm your daughter
Who always loves her mother
There's nothing else matter

It's been so long since I missed her bedtime kiss
That makes every night in peace
God, let my mother live in bliss
She sacrificed so much, and took so many risks
May Allah bless Mama , I please

She's now 54 
And I'm only 24
I'm the ground floor and she's the top floor
There's so much she's been grateful for
Thank Allah for always serve her with opened door
Mama, I love u more and more
Insert me in your prayer, please never ignore

Happy 54th Birthday, MAMA!
Maligayang Bati, NANAY!


h4ni3 said...

nak blaja cakap manila (err.. ape ek.. tagalog?) dgn mama, boleh?

happy birthday auntie

btw, poem tu sweeeeeeeeetttttt sangat! =))

Anonymous said...

salam ziarah...

hepi besday to your mama tooo... =)

ardinihumaira said...

hepi bday to her!

Jiji-Fify said...

ha'ah tagalog..oh bolehh... anak dia snediri pon malas nk belajar tagalog.. :P

thank u....!!

okay nnt i smpaikan ye.. :)

gadisBunga said...

poem yg kiut dan sweet!

happy birthday auntie! :)

mizzura said...

maligayang bati to ur mum too...(tau sket2 pasal boss pun orang filipine..hehe)

rapat betul ikatan family jijy - nice!

Jiji-Fify said...

thanks!!! nnt i smpaiakn kat "auntie".. :P

oh boleh la pi trip ke manila. ikut bos balik kampung.. haha. ngan sape lagi nak rapat kalo bukan dgn famili sendiri.. :)

sahromnasrudin said...


selamat hari lahir utk mama awak..

semoga beliau terus dirahmati Allah SWT

harifa said...

comel la mama akak ne...

eppy besday =)

Jiji-Fify said...

wa'alaikumussalam.. insyaAllah... Ameen.. thanks!

comel mcm akak ke? :P thank u..

zahidah dihaz said...

happy birthday jugak untuk mama sis....

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Fatimah Corazon said...

Thank you anak. I'll wait for the next poem for Mother's Day