How Maybank2u has served you.

 I've been under Maybank's patronage since I was a little child.
Not knowing that Maybank is pretty something in my life.
But as time went by, I began to realize.
Maybank has eased hardships and difficulties, facilitated transactions and has made practically everything possible.

I loved travelling when I was single.
The new experiences gained really opened my eyes, enriched my heart and broadened my mind.  
Thanks Maybank, because of you, I'm just a "click" away from the world.

People say that I'm a thoughtful person.
I love surprises!!
I love planning surprises on birthday of my loved ones.
I love making people excited and touched on their special day. 
I love watching happy tears rolling down their cheeks and making that moment memorable. 
And let their special day remain in their hearts forever. 
The big secret is, Maybank has always been my ‘accomplice’ in making those surprises!

 Eventually I suddenly fell in love with a man,
Hopefully the first and the last man to fill the emptiness in my heart.
We began to travel deep into each others' soul and to love each other more day by day.
Our love story is just like a fantasy.
Every single day has been filled with happiness and smiles.

 Until one day, he made my heart bloom like a rose.
He proposed to me to be his wife.
He knelt down and put a gold ring with diamonds on my finger.
Oh God I felt like floating on cloud nine!
And he told me to keep the gold ring properly, as a symbol of our love, and as a good investment for our future.
Then I knew Maybank must be ‘accomplice’ too!

We got married a year after.
And I felt grateful that my husband adapted really well with my family and vice versa.
After getting married, we began to realize that we have a really huge family now and onwards!
Which means, I have to memorize a dozen more of birth dates. :P


Luckily my husband shares the same hobby and interest as mine.
We love traveling!!

After a year of marriage, we began to expect a new bundle of joy in our life.

And that expectation means, our monthly expenses will double up in nine months time.
So we must have to start saving for the delivery expenses and also the baby needs.
Fortunately, Maybank never leaves us alone.
Maybank enables me to deliver the baby at the best hospital with the best technology without worries and risks.
All I have to do is, sit back, relax and cherish every single moment of being an expectant mother while it lasts.

 And thank God, everything went very smooth and easy.
I'm a proud mother now!


Currently I'm totally happy and contented with my growing family. 
We're truly blessed!
 Although the expenses begins to grow too, but we still manage to enjoy a happy life and serve our baby with sufficient love and care.

And now, I definitely sure that Maybank has financially helped me so much in managing and strategizing finances
Maybank has helped bring smile and laughter to every single person in my life. 
Everyone can live life to the fullest with Maybank!

Dear Maybank,
I thank you.

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dari sisi hidupku said...

Yes, tepat jangkaan saya. akak sedang join contest. Klo x takkan ayat skema camni. Haha. But it was a nice story. Family akak suma cam happy n gila2. Eceh macam family sya x camtu kan. No wonder u always won contestsss, your words/essay are superb. keep it up.

Azie Suhaimi said...

Hi Jiji aka megan fox..drop by ur blog pulak..hihi..tembamnya ur dah berapa umur dia?

Unknown said...

dari sisi hidupku,
thank you! heheh harap2 boleh menang. fuh fuh!

haikal dah setahun 2 bulan. :))