Precious Moments with Trudy & Teddy

Aidilfitri 2012 will be the very first Raya for my baby
I promise to give him my best, definitely
So that he can experience his first Raya happily
Then I decided to dress him up with Trudy & Teddy
Why? Because their products quality is all guarantee
What more important is they're cute and trendy!
Looking of those cute outfits and accessories,
Made me really can't wait for Raya to come sooo badly.

And eventually.....
It's time for my baby to show off his cuteness with his brand new Trudy & Teddy!!

I'm glad to see my baby enjoying his Raya celebration for the very first time.
And oh, we are celebrating Raya as parents for the first time too!
This is definitely the most memorable Raya for us.
We really do embrace this Raya moments with full of excitement & contentment.
It's precious!

Visiting family and relatives here and there, north to south.
Not just to eat lemang and ketupat but also to introduce our baby to his new cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas & grandpas as well.
He must be really surprise to have such a huge family in the entire world!
Thank God, he adapts well with some of the relatives.
And of course I should thank Trudy & Teddy too, for giving a touch of high confidence and attraction to my baby.

I never regret for giving my baby some Trudy & Teddy stuffs as his Raya gift.
He looks very comfortable and happy wearing Trudy & Teddy.
The fabric is soft, the design is cool and the quality is unbeatable.
I will definitely buy him some more cool outfits from Trudy & Teddy for other coming celebrations.
Because I believe with Trudy & Teddy, each moment we embrace is precious!

Thank You Trudy & Teddy!!!

p/s: Peeps, this Precious Moments with Trudy & Teddy Contest organized by Nuffnang and cool prizes sponsored by Trudy & Teddy is still ongoing until tomorrow!! Let's join the contest nowww!!



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